SAP HANA Administrator
The SAP HANA Administration Guide Is The Central Operations Documentation For The On-Premise Deployment Of The SAP HANA Platform. 
This Guide Is The Entry Point For All Information Related To The Ongoing Operation And Maintenance Of The SAP HANA Platform. It Contains Information About Various Administration Tasks Related To The Following Main Areas:
• System Administration And Monitoring
• Secure Administration And Configuration
• Landscape Management And Network Administration
• Administration Of The SAP HANA XS Runtime Environment
• High Availability (Including Backup And Recovery) And Scalability
• Data Access And Integration With SAP HANA Data Provisioning Tools And Technologies.

Course Content  Fee : Rs 28500/-
Course Description
Objective of this course is to enable students understanding and applying the different configuration tasks required to operate and administer the SAP HANA database.
What you will learn
Participants will gain the knowledge to participate in administering, and managing
data integration projects.
Who Should Attend
This course is for technical consultants and administrators, who are going to plan, size and configure the SAP HANA database, as well as configure the different components for data provisioning and reporting clients.
This course also covers monitoring and troubleshooting of SAP HANA as well as
tools, high availability, backup strategies, user maintenance and lifecycle management.
Duration: 30  Hours
Prerequisite Education or Experience
Someone who is working as a BASIS consultant or System or Network Administrator and wants to learn SAP HANA skills.
Familiarity with network security and administration concepts
Some of the Highlights of SAP HANA Admin Course are as follows
You will be provided with the latest training course material on SAP HANA Admin covering real-time examples
The Trainer for SAP HANA Admin has 15 years of real-time experience and as well has executed a number of real-time HANA based projects
Interview questions, SAP HAHA certification guidance
You will be provided with the latest interview questions by way of which you can easily crack an interview.
We provide best SAP HANA ADMIN online/class room training in Mumbai/Thane by experienced and real time expert faculty.
Course Content
Introduction of SAP HANA
What is SAP HANA
What is In Memory Database
SAP HANA Database Architecture
Single Host / Multi Node cluster configuration
SAP HANA Persistence Layer
Preparing Installation
Sizing of SAP HANA
T-Shirt Size
Main Memory Sizing
SAP HANA sizing using the QuickSizer tool
Introduction SAP HANA Lifecycle Management Tools
Platform lifecycle Management
Application lifecycle Management
SAP HANA Database Installation
SAP HANA Installation using hdblcmgui
SAP HANA Installation using hdblcm
SAP HANA Studio installation
Post Installation
Post Installation Steps
SAP HANA license management
SAP HANA Support Package strategy
Updating SAP HANA
SAP HANA Support Package (Revision)upgrade
Admin tools for SAP HANA
SAP HANA Cockpit
SAP DBA Cockpit
Monitoring with SAP HANA Studio
Monitoring with DBACOCKPIT
SAP HANA Operation
Starting and Stopping SAP HANA
Tools for Starting and Stopping the SAP HANA Database
Stopping & Starting HANA DB with SAP HANA Studio
SAP HANA Database stop options
Starting and Stopping the SAP HANA Database Using OS Commands
Stopping and Starting Individual Database Services
Restarting SAP HANA Database
Configuring SAP HANA Database
SAP HANA Database *.ini files
Periodic Manual Tasks
Renaming HANA database
SLD configuration
Installing HANA content/Delivery Unit
SAP HANA Memory Management and Data Persistence
SAP HANA Core Processes
SAP HANA Database Startup Sequence
SAP HANA Database Server Process Port list
Start of SAP HANA Database – Start – Up Process
SAP HANA Memory Usages
SAP HANA Technical Deployment Options
Single Component on One System (SCOS)
Multiple Components on one System (MCOS)
Multiple Components on one Database (MCOD)
SAP HANA Multitenant Database Containers (MDC)
Backup and Recovery
In Memory data and persistent Storage
Why Backup
Memory Disk Backup
Options for backups
Overviews of Configuration options
Log Mode(Overwrite and Normal mode)
Log Backup Parameters
Backup Catalog
SAP HANA Database Backup using HANA Studio
SAP HANA Database Recovery
Recovery types
Recovery Steps
Recovery Phases
SAP HANA Database Recovery using HANA Studio
Data Provisioning Technologies
Overview of Data Provisioning in SAP HANA
Overview SAP LT (SLT) Replication Server
SLT Architecture - between SAP System and SAP HANA
Configure SAP SLT Server for SAP Source System
Direct Extractor Connection (DXC)
Overview SAP Data Services
Maintaining Users and Authorizations
User Management
Creations of User
Creation of Roles
Assignment of Users to roles
Types of Privileges
Standard Roles
Administrative Tasks
Managing Password Policy
SAP HANA Multitenant Database Containers (MDC)
What is Multitenant Database Containers
Single Tenant to Multi-Tenant Database Conversion
Administration of Multitenant Database Containers
Backup and Recovery of Multitenant Database Containers
SAP HANA Content Transport Management
What is SAP HANA Content
HANA Repository
The Package concepts
The Delivery Unit
Transport of changes
SAP HANA Application Lifecycle Management
Exporting and Importing SAP HANA Content Manually
14. HANA Scalability Concepts
Scale Up (Vertically Scaling)
Scale Out (Horizontal Scaling)
15. High availability and Disaster Recovery
Continuous Availability
High Availability
High Availability - Overview
High Availability - Support
SAP HANA System Replication
SAP HANA System Replication - Overview
Replication Modes
Operation Modes
HSR Prerequisites
HSR Takeover
SAP HANA System Replication with Pacemaker
Network Recommendations
Setup and Configuration overview
Hana DB Single Node HA – DR Concept
SAP HANA Host Auto Failover (Sale Out with Standby)
High Availability – HANA Scale Out System
Hana DB Scale out node HA – DR Concept
Scale Up Vs Scale Out